Kill Them All – Zombies Plague

Streets filled with Zombies, you have no choices left in this situation!
So hold your fist, pick up your blade, load your pistol!
To live to see the sun tomorrow, your only way to survive is to – “Kill Them All” ! ! !

“Kill Them All” is not the only one, but may be the best side scrolling fighting game on the mobile phone
platform . The combo attacks, counterattack skills, wrestling skills, killer moves and contains all the
elements of a side scrolling fighting game. All of which can be easily executed.

Over 4 million downloads, the highly popular game “Escape Bear”, from the highly recommended Apple
racing game “CitiRacing” development team develop! New side scrolling version of fighting action
game “Kill Them All”, kill thousands of zombies today!

Game features:
. Three main game modes
   – Story Mode : finish the mission, kill the boss, will you be able to see the sunrise tomorrow.

 - Stage Mode: endless streets and zombies, will you have enough life and wait to be rescued?

 - Survival Mode: kill countless enemies, with your hands, how many are you able to kill?
. 7 maps with different styles.
. 8 levels of difficulties.
. 4 interesting and funny hero characters to choose from.
. Combos, killer moves, counterattack skills, wrestling skills, over 10 kinds of combos.
. 21 different types of weapons, samurai swords, saws, shotguns, rocket launchers…
. 15 types of armors.
. There are five types of items.
. 16 types of enemy zombies.
. Beautiful and detailed game graphics.
. Simple and smooth control.
. Includes Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements.
. Includes Facebook and Twitter release.
. iphone, ipad, ipod universal versions.

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