Kill Monster

[Kill Monster] is a tactical MMORPG based on chinese myth novel.It can be played on your iPhone/iPad.It is not a traditional RPG game,not find monsters,not run and run.You can direct experience wonderful fight-scene.Player acts a role who is one of the five in the XIYOUJI,kills monsters one by one on the way to the end,and last to be a winner.

【Game Features】

➢Fine Interface and Wonderful Fight Pictutes
The game supports retina absolutely,and directly introduces fight pictutes,and Word Game never again.

Fighting with monsters,you can get experience values,and maybe also epuipments.
Fighting with other players,you can get reputation values which will be showed in the rangking list,very wonderful.

➢More than 40 kinds of skills,and more than 100 kinds of equipments
Get skills from the tasks,and get equipments from fighting with monsters.
Different skills’ permutation and combination,you will get different results!

➢About the five elements
Role’s attribute,skills and equipments,all have the five elements.

➢About on-hook
When players have no time to play games,on-hook can help them continuing the game automatically.

➢Little flow
New data compression and encapsulation technology,even if using GPRS,you also can play games fluently.

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