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Kill All Bugs! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Kill All Bugs! Review

Listen up, soldier: Giant mutant bugs are overrunning our cities and it is up to you to beat them back and protect your fellow man. You country needs you to lead Operation: Kill All Bugs! Are you up for the task?

You’re not sure? Well, let me brief you about the mission. Kill All Bugs! is a 21 level tower defense game that has you killing wave after wave of Herculean insects. Holes appear in ground at the start of each level and disgorge waves of giant ladybugs, ants, and other insects. These bugs have one goal: destroy your cities.

You must defend one, two, or three cities at a time from these mutant marauders, setting up laser fences, stun beams, power generators, and gun, flame and missile turrets to destroy the rampaging arthropods. If you try to completely enclose any one of your cities, the bugs go wild and begin destroying your defenses until they have a clear path.

Do you smell something burning?

Kill All Bugs! is more challenging than the average tower defense game because it requires you to protect several different targets scattered across the board all at once. This forces you to place your weapons carefully, ensuring that your defenses can protect multiple cities. Watching your well-placed weapons turn these colossal bugs into green smears on the landscape is tons of fun.

These hulking invaders are also smarter than the villains of most tower defense games. If you build up defenses heavily around one city, the bugs will head for another, less protected target. You must physically block their path with weapons towers, forcing them to go the way you want them to. This can be quite challenging and adds to the fun.

Some bugs also have the ability to cross natural obstructions like water and mountains, where you cannot place any weapons. Some of the most frustrating moments in the game come when a seaside community suddenly becomes a bug buffet because you cannot place weapons defensively on the water.

Beetle-mania hits the States.

Though the gameplay is fun and challenging, Kill All Bugs! does little to stimulate the senses. The graphics are rather primitive, reminding us of old-school, 16-bit console games. It kind of adds some charm to the experience, making you feel like you’re playing an arcade game at the local pizza parlor.

There is little music in the game. Most of what you hear is the sound of the air raid siren, the weapons firing and the bugs tearing your cities to shreds. A better soundtrack or improved graphics would have been appreciated, and made this game top notch.

Kill All Bugs! provides some interesting challenges and is a lot of fun to play. The graphics are less than stellar, but don’t detract substantially from the gameplay at all. So, does it sound like you have what it takes to join this army and Kill All Bugs?