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Kil.A.Ton Review

There are many impressive turn-based artillery games on the App Store, but the formula has begun to get repetitive. Still, the developers of Kil.A.Ton have managed to bring new life to this fading genre with some small tweaks to the gameplay that change its feel in a big way.

Unlike most similar games that have each player taking their turn raining down fire on opponents, Kil.A.Ton has everybody move or shoot at the same time. This forces players to acquire new tactics such as whether to move and risk getting shot in the air, or using a stronger yet slower missile when low on health. It also makes each round quicker, which is great for casual gamers.

We also highly enjoyed the weapon system. During the first round of any game, you have two possible actions: attack with a normal bullet or move your tank. All of this is done by holding down a button to fill up a shot meter, much like similar titles. As you destroy enemies, you are awarded money. Your earnings can be turned into weapons and tactical items at the shop, which appears between rounds.

What good is a battle without a mushroom cloud?

There are the obvious options for repair kits, larger movement, bigger missiles, and turrets. However, we preferred using obscure weapons like the enemy-burying Avalanche, unstable Omega Strike bombs, and the ever-popular Nuke.

There are also three distinct modes to accommodate every type of gamer. Scenario, or campaign, progressively introduces you to more and harder AI, as well as new weapons, as you play through premade levels. There are tons of them, as well as special scenarios such as close combat with turrets.

Next is Custom, which puts you in full control of just about every aspect of the game. You can chose the number of tanks, shot timer, difficulty level (there are four), and number of rounds. There is also an option for turn-based gameplay.

Find the perfect angle of destruction.

Finally, online multiplayer and stats provides what could be a great hub for competition. There are tons of options and multiple areas, but there is little activity at this time. If the game takes off, we are sure this will change, but don’t buy Kil.A.Ton expecting a community to boot. Otherwise, the game’s online capabilities are promising.

Kil.A.Ton also includes everything else that makes the turn-based artillery genre so appealing, such as great tank physics and dynamic terrain. Whether you enjoy these types of games or are looking for a quality first foray into the genre, there is something here for everyone.