Kid’s Zone lite

Kid’s Zone 2 coming up soon with a new look and more fun……

****Please note that your 5 star ratings and continuous support to receive high quality consistent updates. Also,include your suggestions on what you would like your child to play in Kids Zone 2****

New update — Enjoy more Christmas videos exclusively for kids!!! And also shapes stencils for kids in the drawing tool.

****Appdictions – 4.5 star rating***
The app was very nicely developed and organized which allows easy navigation for children. All you parents out there that are looking for both a fun an educational app for your children, Kid’s Zone is the app for you.


Be Proud of your kid’s knowledge with our app!

The Pre-education learning app which has several fun features, including:

1: Kid-Friendly Videos! Take advantage of a specially contained version of youtube which only allows kid-safe and kid-friendly videos to be viewable by your child! To make this holiday season special, we have added new Christmas videos.

2: Drawing Pad! Let your kid enjoy drawing and doodling all they want with an easily accessible finger-painting app with no mess! Shapes stencils also included with the new update.

3: Alphabet buttons including international language options and read-aloud word features! Why spend 20-30 dollars on a kid’s toy that does the same thing when you’ve got it in this app but much more! Features English, German, French, and Spanish Alphabets!

4: A really fun matching game that even mom and dad might have fun playing! Inspired by old 1980s video games this matching game promotes the strengthening of finite short-term memory skills as well as cognition. A great toy to play with as well as a fantastic learning tool!

All this in one package for FREE! What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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