Kids steering wheels – interactive virtual toy HD

★★ The most entertaining steering wheel toy racing game in the App Store ★★

★★ 10 exciting steering wheels and road tracks for your kids to enjoy! ★★
★★ HD illustrations and sound, iPhone Retina display support ★★

Have your little ones experience their very own driving fun. Kids Steering Wheel – driving simulator lets them feel like they are driving a car! With 10 realistic looking colorful cars and scenery your child can go on exciting adventures and develop their sense of wonder. This exciting racing car app has 3 speed levels, bumper obstacles and presents to collect along the road! Kids Steering Wheel has wonderful buttons with real sounds of a car, such as: horns, windshield wipers, blinkers, two way radio and ignition.

Cars inside:
✔ Race Car
✔ Police car
✔ Fire truck
✔ Ambulance
✔ Tractor
✔ Jeep
✔ Bus
✔ Semi trailer
✔ Luxury car
✔ Taxi

What’s inside:
✔ 10 amazing car steering wheels
✔ 10 exciting locations
✔ Intuitive, fun and child friendly controls
✔ HD quality illustrations and sounds

Playing Instructions:
* Rotate the steering wheel left and right in order to navigate the car on the road
* Press the speed button or ignition in order to change speed up or slow down between 3 different speeds which provide 3 different difficulty levels
* Collect presents along the way to complete stages and win the race.
* Avoid colliding with bumpers so they don’t slow you down

Note: 4 steering wheels are completely free and supported by Ads. All 10 steering wheels are available with an easy to use in-app purchase inside the application. Purchasing full version also removes all Ads.

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