Kids Sounds

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Welcome to the world of sounds!
Step into one of the 6 lively scenes – every object you find here is magical. Discover friendly animals and various items, interact with them by touching or dragging and while doing that, hear sounds and tunes. Compose them and create beautiful melodies!

Our digital toy inspires children’s imagination and creativity in an enjoyable way. It gives your child endless combinations to create their unique melodies. They will experience sounds of different landscapes, learn animals’ voices, improvise with melodic items and more. Whether you want to teach your child musical skills, or just have fun learning and creating stories together, Kids Sounds will be a great tool.

- 6 different themes
- 121 interactable objects
- Hundreds of possible combinations of sounds
- Attractive graphics and animations
- Beautiful sounds
- Kid-friendly design
- No rules
- Parents menu
- No advertising
- No violence

Pyjamas Apps strives to create apps in a way to strengthen kid’s abilities; such as the ability to play alone, the ability to express meanings, the ability to create and imagine and also other abilities that could be developed with a high usage of IT products. At first, your child will need a bit of your creativity and imagination but later they will learn to play on their own.