Kids Money 2

Kids Money 2, Pocket Money calculator for kids.
We listened to you and changed the number input!


Do you have a list of toys and items you would like to buy and don’t know when you can buy them?

Maybe you have saved some gift money from Christmas and your birthday, and now wondering what you can afford to buy.

You can use Kids Money 2 to calculate when you can afford the things you want.

Kids money is fun to use. You have:
– Easy number input
– Multi result screen with fun pictures
– Great graphics
– Save your results
– Open past items
– Help section

Note for Parents:

Kids Money 2 is a great way to teach your kids about savings and pocket money management. It is fun and playful way to teach kids about the value of Money.

You can play together with your kids to build various scenarios and save them for future reference.

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