Kids Learn Alphabets Free – Preschool Kids Game To Study Alphabets

Kids Learn Alphabets is the fun way for your toddlers to learn alphabets.

♥♥♥ Parents love it! Even more, Kids Enjoy It! ♥♥♥

✓ Simple and Clear, Period.
✓ Kids easily can find their way around and learn at their own pace.
✓ Simple Games. More being added all the time!

★ Awesome design ★
★ Elegant animation ★
★ Large Buttons ★
★ Colorful Screen ★
★ Engaging Music ★


– Four games in this version: Learn uppercase letters, Learn lowercase letters , Match the cases game and Missing alphabet game.
– iPod, iPhone and iPad support!
– Awesome design, combined with elegant animation and music makes the whole learning experience, great fun for kids.

If you have any feedback or suggestion or contribute to the roadmap of this app, please feel free to do so within the app by pressing the ‘Send Feedback’ button.

Twitter: @mobileroo
Support Email:

It’s Free. Give your kid the best start in life, today!

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