Kids D.J.

Kids D.J. was created to solve a simple problem, allow my daughter to control what she wanted to listen to with an easy to use interface. Kids D.J. allows you to link 9 buttons with 9 songs from your iPod library on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. After initial configuration the options button can be hidden so kids play the game and are not able to change the settings. My daughter has enjoyed this app for many months, I hope you kids enjoy it also.

-Fun colorful interface
-Easily allows children 3+ to select which song they want to hear when they want to hear it.
-Links 9 buttons with 9 songs from the iPod library on your device
-Allows you to hide the “options” button so children don’t change settings you don’t want them to. The options button will be displayed for 3 seconds when the app is opened, then it will be hidden until the next startup.
-Setup in minutes!

5 stars keep the updates coming! Click ‘Rate’ within the options. Thank you for your support!

This app is dedicated to my two children, Lucy (Age 3) and Eli (Age 1).

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