Kids Boats

Become the Captain and a great discoverer!
Three climate zones with rivers await you! But to explore them it won’t be an easy task – you will have to travel long way across green forests and meadows, freezing glaciers and scorching deserts. In each environment there will be curious animals waiting for you – a fox, a beaver, a rabbit, a polar bear, a penguin, an owl, a crocodile, a camel, a hippo and many others. Different obstacles will be in the rivers and you will have to evade them. As a reward, in each river you will find floating stars and messages in the bottles – pick them and make your own collection of discovered animals living in these climate zones.

The game has three different kinds of controls – so you can choose to blow to the device, to tilt it or just to touch & drag on screen to move a paper boat to any direction. The game gives great educational value – strongly develops fine motor skills and allows every player to find the type of control one feels most comfortable with as well as familiarizes your child with world’s geographical diversity and animals living in different climate zones.


– 3 different ways to control the boat
– 3 levels – forest, arctic, desert
– Random river bed generation
– 21 different animals to collect
– Geographical knowledge
– Fine motor skills
– Attractive sounds
– Kid-friendly design
– Parents menu
– No advertising
– No violence

Pyjamas Apps strives to create apps in a way to strengthen kid’s abilities; such as the ability to play alone, the ability to express meanings, the ability to create and imagine and also other abilities that could be developed with a high usage of IT products. At first, your child will need a bit of your creativity and imagination but later they will learn to play on their own.

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