Kidomatic is the 'made for kids' camera!

The Kidomatic Friendly Camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids and teens who want to have fun with their photos.

★Right now! Get the Kidomatic Christmas! ★

Once used to the Kidomatic Friendly Camera, go ahead and explore the Kidomatic Monster, Police or Princess camera. There are 120+ icons, fun frames, pencils, brushes and spraycans to enjoy. And of course you can export and share your pictures with your friends and family!

- Child-friendly menus.
- Add fun stickers on top of your pictures.
- Place beautiful frames over your photos.
- Use the spraypaint, pencils and brushes to make your image even more personal.
- Sticker book functionality.
- Drag’n drop letters with phonetic representation.
- Get the Monster, Police, Princess and Christmas camera too.

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