Kiddy Grasshopper

Explore the insect world and hop to a mega high score in Kiddy Grasshopper, the endless jumping game that will have you jumping for joy!

Kid Grasshopper needs to get home, but a swarm of bugs and birds have blocked his way! Tap your iPhone screen to move the little green hero from left to right. Kid Grasshopper never stops jumping, so time your movements correctly or you’ll bump into a big, bad bug!

* Leap over and under enemies! *
* Collect flashing flowers! *
* Jump at just the right time! *

Choose from one of two bandana-wearing bugs and hop amongst gigantic blades of grass. Just watch out for spiders, birds, and red ants!

Download your free copy of Kid Grasshopper today and see how far you can hop!

* Spectacular graphics bring the insect world to life!
* Simple touch gameplay
* Pick your favorite grasshopper
* A cast of playful enemies
* Tap your screen to dodge bugs and birds!

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