Kid's Scratch It

Kid’s Scratch It is developed to provide a fun and interactive means for young children to learn and increase their vocabulary. If you are looking for an educational game that makes learning fun and is able to keep kids indulged and concentrated on discovering each new word, then this is the game for you.

With words and vocabularies categorized into sets such as ‘My Shapes’, ‘My Toys’, ‘My Birthday’, ‘My Pencil Case’ and so on, Kid’s Scratch It makes it easy for kids to associate new vocabularies with each other and the real world. As your kid rubs off each new flashcard, a colorful picture and text of the newly found word is revealed.

Kid’s Scratch It isn’t just a spelling flashcard application for kids. It’s about spelling, learning new words, developing grouping and word association skills and of course fun, all in one go.

Kid’s Scratch It is an educational children game that can be played by anyone just beginning to learn the English Language. Whether it is a native English speaking child who is just beginning to learn the Language basics, a second language speaker learning English or perhaps even adults while traveling on the train, bus or while waiting for an appointment.

Note: As additional sets with new words are added, owners of Kid’s Scratch It gets to download the new sets for free as well!

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