Kid’n’Play Animal Puzzles Lite

- A puzzle game with lovely images of animals including dog, giraffe, hippo and many more

– Perfect for kids from 2 to 6 years old

– 5 animal puzzles in Lite version (30 in Full version)

– Children’s access to the App Store limited by the presence of the screen that requires a parent response

– Completely free from banner ads

– Simple interface makes the app easy to use by kids

– Great way of evolving childís perceptive and manual skills and memory

– A puzzle game offers a lot of fun for your children

– Charming music

– Hi-res graphics for the iPhone and iPad retina displays



● this app does not collect or share any user’s personal information.
● this app does not contain ads.
● this app does not contain social networks integration.
● this app contains single In-App Purchase that unlocks all the content.
● this app contains “More Apps” external links on a separate page.

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Kid’n’Play Animal Puzzles Lite.
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