Kid Karaoke

It’s the time to learn and have unlimited fun!
‘Kid Karaoke’ is an innovative and unique app to learn, record and listen to nursery rhymes, which will absolutely take your child’s learning and singing skills to the next level! The app will introduce the whole new and exciting voyage to learn, sing, record and explore famous nursery rhymes in interactive and entertaining way.
Fun, interactive and colorful journey to meet our 6 new comic characters and unexpected surprises and animations are just a touch away! They will be your child’s best friends and tutors to teach famous nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’, ’Old MacDonald had a Farm’, etc.
Features of the App for your Little Stars:
•Six comic animal characters with colorful and interactive backgrounds and sounds
•Listen to your child’s favorite rhymes
•Your child can record rhymes with built-in background music
•Enjoy full Karaoke Style and develop your little star’s singing skills!
•Record unlimited rhymes, saved in recorded list and play it anytime.
•Children friendly navigation and app environment
•Rhymes include:
oIf you’re happy and you know it
oOld MacDonald had a farm
oTwinkle twinkle little star
oJingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way
oLondon bridge is falling down
oWheels on the bus go round and round

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