Kick the Politician EXTRA

******** Download Kick The Politician Extra Now for just 0.99 and you’ll
also receive the following for free;

1 Extra character (George Bush)

Free access to the grenades (use these to blow up the politicians)

20 Free Gold bars (To buy special weapons and characters with)

$50.00 worth of free dollars (To buy special weapons and characters with)

>>>>> This Offer Will Expires Soon, Don’t Miss Out…

Download This Amazing Game Now and You’ll Get All of These Bonuses
for Just 0.99

Kick the Politician™ contains explosive game play times ten!

Use the incredible arsenal of guns, nun chucks, tasers, machine guns, tomatoes, land mines, grenades, boxing gloves, pepper spray, flame throwers, paint ball guns and more.
to release your stress out on your least favorite politicians including;

✓ President Barak Obama ( Democrat )
✓ Mitt Romney ( Republican )
✓ George Bush
✓ Osam Bin Laden
✓ Saddam Hussein
✓ Sara Palin
✓ Hitler
✓ George Osborne
✓ Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
✓ Tony Blair

Beat, hit, shoot, cut, burn and more and watch how cool it is to see each figure react in his/her own unique way and voice

Even if you’re a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. Kick the Politician is the PERFECT STRESS RELEIVER.

Choose the politician of your choice from the selection of 10 and do with him or her whatever you want and DE-STRESS YOUR DAY!

Key Features:
– Colorful graphics!
– Amazing physics model!
– Brand NEW super cool elements and categories!
– Awesome sound effects. Hear some of your favorite or least favorite politicians in their own voice!
– Brand NEW decorations!
– Brand NEW bank with big money!
– Interesting achievements!

Grab this game to ensure you’re never without a way to lower your blood pressure or use it as the perfect tool to kill a few spare minutes!

Now optimized with superior graphics and game play!! Download it now


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