Kick the Balloon Free

Kick the water balloon along with the rhythm!
Juggle and keep the balloon up in the air as long as you can!

Kick the Balloon is designed by a game expert with over 10 years of mobile game development expertise.
Kick the Balloon is a familiar yet a new type of iOS game with many options and customizations to keep it exciting!
Kick the Balloon is always fun and challenging to play and will bring you hours of fun.

Our customers say,
“This game is very simple, yet fun and addictive.”
“I love to compete with my friends and challenge different players from the world.”
“I love the customizable Anime player character.”

Kick the Balloon FREE version features:
* 3 Record Modes of Play: Easy, Normal, Hard
* 40 Levels of Missions!!!
* 4 Types of Balloons to choose from
* Combo kicks for higher score & heal your player’s health!
* Ability to customize and dress your player!!!
* Different obstacles such as fog, wind, lightening to keep the game challenging

Also includes following exciting capabilities,
* Chat Board – allow you to chat with your opponents and/or friends.
* Free Bulletin Board – stay in touch with your friends & brag your high score!!
* World Ranking- Compete for your country’s honor! Be the world champion!

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