KICK IT STAR is a robot kick boxing game.
Offensive punch, kick, SP in (combination), defense guard operations.
I’m going to win the tournament up good command of training, maintenance, and energy.
Robot from within the Rikioh-Kronos Apollo Orion Lady Dragon A five bodies (one body in fee)
Aiming to KICK IT STAR won the World Cup with a robot like and choose your own! Get the championship belt!
[How to Play]
Get points in the tournament, coming up ABILITY, DEFENSE, the ENERGY.
(Recommendations: I will try to level up easily earn points to buy items at once with coins! )
I won the tournament, I will challenge the World Cup.
World Cup is a Strong enemy suit.
I’ll keep buying ENERGY SAVE.
Also, please fight to 100% CONDITION coin to buy
Remember the command in the TUTORIAL can go from OPTION menu, and let us play against the control (combination) punch, kick, SP.

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