KERO Puzzle Free

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free version of the KERO Slide Puzzle. More features are available in the full version such as:
-“KERO CLOCK” available when all level completed
-Different stages are available from 3×3 to 5×5 pieces
-6 kinds of cute frog images

“KERO Puzzle” is a simple sliding puzzle game.
The goal is to fix the puzzle by sliding the pieces with your finger.
By completing the puzzle, you will be able to use the final result as wallpaper to personalize your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Features of “KERO Puzzle Free”

-2 kind of “Sliding puzzle” and “15 Sliding Tile Puzzle”
-Stage of 4×4 pieces
-3 kind of cute frog images
-Simple intuitive interface
-Hours of fun for free !

Produced by AKIRA INOUE which is well known by having been in charge of music of “DoubleDragon3″.


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