Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico

Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico

Today’s featured app is a free adver-game called Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico. Based on the hilariously vulgar HBO show Eastbound and Down (whose second season began on Sunday, by the way) the game is a super simple 8-bit style baseball game, full of bleeps and bloops and pixelated mullets.

The game is set in the stadium of the Mexican team the Charros, which Kenny joins in the new season of the show. The gameplay is limited to pitching and hitting, so all you have to do is tap the screen to make Kenny pitch, and then flick the device to make the batter swing. You have 10 chances to get enough home runs to advance to the next level. Failing to hit a home run, whether it’s by whiffing or hitting within the park, counts as a strike.

Sometimes a taunt button appears on the screen before you throw a pitch. Pressing it summons onto the field distractions like Kenny’s pathetic sidekick Stevie Jenowski, or a donkey painted like a zebra. These are meant to hinder the batter, but since you’re playing as the batter too, you’re the one who’s distracted. But the game isn’t difficult, so you’ll fall into the rhythm of it pretty quickly.

Just like the show, Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta is meant for mature audiences (although it’s pretty tame compared to some other apps). Danny McBride’s voice appears in the game, spouting cantankerous phrases from the mound like, “I have pinpoint accuracy and I’m not afraid to hit you in the juevos,” or, “Hurry it up, man. I have better things to do, like your mom.” Also, when you hit a home run, you see two pixelated but voluptuous fans cheering from the stands in short shorts and halter tops.

As far as promotion for Eastbound and Down goes, you can view photos from the show between levels and watch the trailer from the main menu. If you’re into the show or have a healthy appreciation for way-too-simple NES games, download this freebie right away.