* notice: to use the game, please download and print the board: http://tinyurl.com/d73k85n *

Enter the Kazooloo dimension and discover an amazing fantasy world filled with incredible and magical creatures that come alive in front of your eyes!

The Kazooloo dimension has always existed parallel to our world. Technology has caused a breach in the multi-dimensional balance and unleashed fierce creatures that come out of the portals into real life causing destruction everywhere!

Your mission is to fight off these creatures using your smartphone to prevent them from taking over the earth.
Are you ready?

The Kazooloo GameBoard is your personal portal, which activates the game and turns your real-life environment into a thrilling battlefield.

1. Download the Kazooloo app.
2. Point your camera to the Kazooloo GameBoard.
3. Keep your camera focused on the Board to continue fighting your opponent.
4. Remember to always move around the Board to dodge the creature’s attacks.
5. Collect coins, weapons and first aid kits to try and stay alive.
6. Have fun and share the glory with your friends!

* Watch the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJGBEL_gfF0

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