Kawaii Star Free

Kawaii is Japanese and literally means cute, lovely or adorable. It describes a part of Japanese culture in which the cuteness theme has a prominent role – and can be seen everywhere ranging from books, movies and TV-shows to food, toys and personal behavior.

Outside of Japan, kawaii is best described as the ”cuteness of Japanese culture” and is known to us from everyday life although we do not think about it. Everything from Hello Kitty and Pokémon belongs to the kawaii category!

Keeping that in mind we wanted to make a game inspired by kawaii culture and so Kawaii Star was born!

Kawaii Star is a simple, fun and addictive game from BINSTO in which the player uses the fingers to move a kawaii inspired character around the screen – while gathering multipliers and at the same time avoiding collisions with the moving obstacles! Collect bonus items and survive as day becomes night, night turns into day and who knows what will happen if you survive long enough…

Climb the leaderboard and unlock achievements using OpenFeint. Beat your friends score and brag about it on Facebook!

Time for some cute fun, mad pace, high scores and you becoming a true Kawaii Star champion!

This Free Version comes with in-game ads. The ads can be removed with an In-App-Purchase.

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