Katy Perry Revenge

The party has landed! Introducing KATY PERRY REVENGE, the smash new app from the makers of Tap Tap Revenge, the #1 most-downloaded music game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Tap the targets flying down your touchscreen to the beats of her biggest hits, and soak in the gorgeous themes and graphics inspir...

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New App A Day: Katy Perry Revenge

We get a lot of emails every day about brand new games that populate the App Store, but not all of them are worth covering. Usually out of dozens of new games, we find just a few noteworthy announcements. Every day we’ll try to pick out one– just one– new game that stands out. Today, it’s Katy Perry Revenge.

Now that Disney has acquired Tapulous, we expect to see lighter musical fare come to this long-running series of iPhone music games. A Jonas Brothers Revenge app is an inevitability. Now Katy Perry joins Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, and many other popular acts with her own Tap Tap game.

Katy Perry Revenge includes ten songs, including a few from her latest album:

California Gurls

Teenage Dream

I Kissed a Girl

One of the Boys

Thinking of You

Waking Up In Vegas

Hot N Cold


Last Friday Night

Circle the Drain

The game will also include iPhone-exclusive content like special chat rooms for fans, photos, and a Katy Perry news feed. $5 is pricey, but if you think about it as a replacement for buying the songs on iTunes, it doesn’t start to look so bad.

Katy Perry’s music may not be for everyone, but the Tap Tap style of play is very simple and fun. Disney picked up a sure thing with Tapulous, and if you’re a fan of the music, you really can’t go wrong with buying any of the Revenge games.

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