Katamino & Pentagenious® Treasure Hunt HD Lite

Help Captain Drake to find your six (6) lucky numbers passing the different obstacles on your way.

This game is designed on base of geometrical figures called “Pentominos” that challenge your ability to solve problems.
This game also include a digital version of world famous KATAMINO’ s puzzle game. You will find 12 levels of difficulty to build larger rectangles.

The puzzle is a stimulating brain-teaser. Using small blocks known as ‘pentominoes’ you build ever larger rectangles – known as ‘PENTA’. The more blocks you use, the more difficult the challenge and the more absorbing it is. With over 36,000 combinations, Katamino is a very challenging puzzle.
This game is designed to be enjoyed by people from 3 years to 99 years old.

Enjoy this great game specially designed for your iPad.
The Lite version includes 3 free levels of treasure hunt and 3 free levels of katamino. Full version is on sale for $0.99

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