Kart Racing 3D – Best Desert Car Racer Chaser Play Game

Kart Racing 3D is a fun car racing arcade game in a arabic desert with pyramid passage tunnel. Never lose the racing spirit in a beautiful desert storm track with choice of colors of karts to go with it. Race with other AI karts, while collecting the gold coins on your way. Multiple camera views, various car controls like gas pedal, brakes, reverse or motion controls or choice of mixing both. Game is a brainteaser for all ages and addictive to dissolving music play. Fire flames during collision of karts and car physics looks more natural with the up & down hill track and appealing.

Did we say racing track includes water elements like pool, lake etc to make it much more pleasant with desert heat ? Quench your thirst of go-kart racing with this uniquely designed one. Addictive for all ages.

Don’t miss the action and fun in one 3D racing game.

Key Features:

• Race with other AI cars and collect gold coins
* Day & Night mode
• Various controls and combination – Steering, Paddle, Stick and Motion
* Unique role play graphics theme background for racing
• 3 different modes of game play – Race and Chase with other AI’s, Countdown and Timer
• Pyramid tunnel passage with fire flames and eye catching graphics throughout
• 6 different car camera views
• Map view and rear view mirror
• Absorbing desert theme music for racing
* Want to have your own music playlist during play ? No problem. iPod control option is included during during game play option.
• Cool 3D desert storm track asset – feel it.
* Chase the cars with brake drift marks on the track
* Superb wavy water elements around track – pool, lake etc.
* Works on iPhone (3gs,4,4S,5),iPad1,iPad2,iPad3,mini & ipod touch 4g.
* Racing desert fun never stops.

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