Karate Girl Destruction Run

★★★★★ “Great fun … Amazing little pick up and play game that will stay on my phone for a long time … Awesome job, highly recommended!” -CygnetSeven
★★★★★ “A fun gonzo platform runner with nice floaty aerial physics. It’s fast paced and wild but fairly casual.” -Undeadcows
★★★★★ “Definite 5 Star App … great fun for a 2 or 20 minute play.” -Peachpellen

This game is so fast, it has a slow-motion feature just so you see what you’re doing! Meet Karate Girl, out for revenge against those who stole her father’s Humpterdink sword. Frantically steer her through the crook’s mansion with the goal to destroy as many valuables as possible, forcing Czar Memphris to give you back the sword. Extend your time by fully clearing a room, and try to push the score to new heights. This Jump ‘n’ Destroy game has endlessly generated rooms, so no two runs will ever be the same!

* endlessly generated random levels for infinite fun!
* a Universal game that runs on iPhone and iPad!
* tactical & action skills required!
* ideal for quick plays whenever you feel like it!
* easy two-button control: left thumb throws 1 bomb per room, right thumb jumps!
* discover the special underwater and tunnel scenes!
* grow your reaction skills and laugh at the mayhem you’re causing!
* beat your best $$$ destruction score!
* put on different clothes for Karate Girl!
* view the gameplay video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=0HjF7HG5llk
* hand-drawn pixel art!
* meet Ninja Dog!

Run Karate Girl run! For any issue, please contact me, Philipp, at philipp.lenssen@gmail.com. And if you like the game, please review it and give it a 5-star rating!

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