Kamikaze Defender

Kamikaze is a 2D action-packed arcade shooter. You’re a WW2 gunner assigned to the Yorktown during the War in the Pacific. Your job is to defend the carrier and shoot down as many enemy aircraft as you can.

Game play is centered on increasingly difficult levels and achieving the highest score.

To win the game you must pass all the levels and advance in rank to get medals. You must defend the carrier, kill as many enemy planes and score as many points as you can.

Kamikaze is like the legendary Missile Command but in the Pacific during WWII. Kamikaze planes instead of ballistic missiles and Flak guns as the missile destroyers.
Also featuring: heavy bombers, torpedo planes, dive bombers, rocket kamikazes as well as an assortment of classic carrier based american planes.

Stay sharp, It’s not going to be a holiday cruise. This is war, sailor.

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