Kamikaze Calamari

Help Steve the Squid escape to the stars from several leagues under the big blue watery thing!


3x Unique Levels
1x Evil Whale

Lots of…

– Bouncy Bubbles & Clouds
– Flying Fish
– Exploding Asteroids
– Space Fish
– Silly Hats
– Achievements
– Online Scoreboard


Join Steve the Squid on a vertical platform adventure, as he squirts his way through three unique stages and a challenging freeplay mode.

Tired of being mocked for his tiny tentacles, Steve’s dreams of escape propels him out of the ocean, into the clouds, and beyond. Bounce and dodge your way to the stars, collect pearls, unlock accessories and avoid the underwater attackers that will follow Steve to the bitter end!

Can you become king of the Calamari? Upload your highscores to the leader board and challenge your friends for the top spot.

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