Justin Bieber Bounce!

OMG the funnest and BEST Justin Bieber game is here! And guess what its FREE!!!! Yes that is right FREE and SUPER FUN! WARNING: You will get ADDICTED!

Play to be the best and highest Bieber fan and share your score with your friends!
Are you a true Belieber? Do you have the Highest Bieber Fever? Can you beat the other Beliebers out there on the Online Race???!!!!????

Now compete to be the best of the best against everyone around the world with the Game Center Leader board!

Try to get Justin to reach the the stars! Can you do it? Can you be the Highest Bieber Fever Bounce Fan?

The Music, the sounds, everything you love about Justin!
Compete on Game Center!
Post on Facebook!

You are Justin Bieber and he needs to Bieber Bounce his way to the TOP!!

Now you can help Justin get to the top of his game and reach new heights!

Bieber Bounce! is fun for the entire family! Controls are very simple!

Tilt your iPhone/iPod/iPad left or right to move Justin through the music clouds. While making his way to the top, you can find bonus items to achieve a higher score! Don’t let Justin fall or the game is over!

There are secret techniques to make Justin bounce higher. Try to learn his secret moves!

Fun for the entire family. Try to get the best score out of you and your friends and all the other Bieber Fever fans around the WORLD!

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