JumpZ free-en

A very interesting jump game,you can keep character jumping up constantly through the acceleration instrument. And there are fancy puzzles waiting for you in the Adventure Mode. Remember to upload your score! Then you will know who jumps higher in the Time Mode.

Game mode
Player can jump up without limit, the game will become increasingly difficult for high-oh. Player also can get scores according to the jump height. Meanwhile,player can earn game coin by eating various game Items.
2.time limit
Player have two minutes to complete the mission, during this, players should move quickly and efficient, the higher you jump the higher you scored. The score will be displayed at the top right corner, you can compare it with the other players.
Players will meet with BOSS when they jump high enough. BOSS is a visual puzzle, players should solve the puzzle by jumping and earn the scores in this way.

Select Character
Plaryers can earn game coin by eating the game items during different game modes. When you have enough game coin you can use it to unlock other characters, with new character you will experience more interesting game.

Select background map
Different stages has their own style background maps. But only one map is offered in the free version. The other maps will be activated in the charges version. And players should solve different puzzles to activate a new map.

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