The Jumpy Jump game is a game of a jumping ball called “Jumpy”. So, I hope that you, yes you, will be the best Jumpy ever. So are you a good jumper!!!???

12 stages that awaits you to let Jumpy pass them all. More than that, you can make Jumpy even more happy with some extra achievements.
It is a simple game and in the same time is a very addictive one. So, YOU HAVE WARNED already.
* amazing designs and graphics,
* amazing user interaction,
* control of amazing sound effects and music,
* different type of control (tilt and touch) to move Jumpy in different directions,
* support GameCenter so that you can compete with other player from all over the world. Also, there are several achievements that you are responsible to achieve,
* support retina display,
* control of high score on the GameCenter and on the device itself,
* jump fun jump fun jump fun and more of jumping and fun!!!

Please, rate this application with a 5-stars if you like it. Otherwise, please provide me with a useful reviews so that I can make the game better in the future updates.

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