Here comes the Jumping Panda; Dash as fast as you can!

Dodge or kick off the snakes, crows and bombs!

Jumping panda is a simple and addicting fast paced running game for all ages. How far can you go? That’s the question.

What reviewers say?
“★★★★★……This is a crazy Panda, he jumps like a ninja and steels a move from Tazmanian Devils to fly!”- keygames.com
“Love the graphics and concept, so amazing”-gamesxl.com

Main Features:
★ Game statistics
★ Ranking of players by score
★ Simple and addictive game play with simple controls
★ Newly add 6 achievement systems
★ All bugs are fixed well and challenge your bugs searching.

How to play:
Try to dodge the barriers such as snakes, crows and bombs or kick them away with bamboo shoots by tabbing your right screen.
Oh no, don’t touch the snakes and crows! Or you will use up your blood. Be careful of the bomb and do not fall off the cliff! Or you will lose your life.
Single tab your left screen to jump, double tab to get double jump while holding you can fly.

More details please download our game and find it! Keep on running!

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