Jumping Hero HD

★★ All events including iTunes Gift Cards giveaway ends as of July 23rd Monday. Thank you for your understanding and we will be back with more events!

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★★Bug issues for iPod Touch fixed

★★ The best jumping game ever – Jumping Hero HD! Race with world people!!

★Easy Control
Simply tilt your device left and right to control.
Tap anywhere in the bottom and you can perform awesome actions like higher jumps, boss attack, dynamites and more!

★Various game play.
Aren’t you tired of playing just normal jumping games?
You won’t fall and die here in Jumping Hero. It also includes booster, car ride, or even rocket ride to race up!

★Characters! Versus Modes!
Not only the 8 basic characters but you can also earn and use 8 additional characters while you clear each episode!
Connect to iMOMOT mini to create more than 2 million combinations and play with my own special MOMOT!
Bored playing alone?
Tap “VS” button on the screen and you can play 1:1 on-line with players all around the world!

■■■ Troubleshooting
If there are excessive apps running in the background, or the system has not been restarted for a long period of time, system memory could be insufficient to run the game.
Please close other apps running in the background or turn off and restart your device.

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