Jump Maze

With simple rules and surprisingly complex solutions, this free Jump Maze app offers a fun mental challenge with 10,000 Rook Jumping Mazes (a.k.a. Number Mazes).

Each maze is a grid of numbers with a goal square marked “G”. Each number indicates how many squares one must move horizontally or vertically from that square. Starting in the upper-leftmost square, one tries to reach the goal square with the fewest moves.

There is no time pressure. There are no dead ends. There is a path to the goal from each square. Once you reach the goal, the shortest solution length is revealed. You can try again to find a better path, or you can try a new maze at any time. An optional Hints feature highlights the squares you have reached. Review the rules through the tutorial, or jump right in and play.

This mental snack is offered for your puzzling pleasure from the students and faculty of Gettysburg College’s Department of Computer Science. Enjoy!

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