Jump & Crush

Blow out the stress with this cool game!
This is amazing game that you jump the driving car to crush other cars on the road.

★★The game is easy to play!
- Use left Jump button to jump the car.
- Use right crush button and the car will come straight down.
- Gas (oil) will start to decrease as soon as game starts.

★★there is a way to gain gas (oil) during the game!
-You can gain gas (oil) by jumping and crush cars.
- Gas (oil) can be gained in “air”, “turn” “double turn” status with high jump.
- Crush cars with more power in high jump can gain more gas (oil).

★★Game Over!
-Game will be over if you don’t crush properly or if you run into a car.

-Push crush button on the right when the car gets upside down during the game.
-Push jump button on the uphill for higher jump.
-Normal jump can crush cars, so there is no need to use crush button necessarily if you have enough distance.

♣ Universial App
♣ Retina Display Support
♣ Realistic Physics Simulation
♣ Highly Additive Game Play