Jump Bird Jump

***** JUMP BIRD JUMP… Be careful, you can not end it if you begin!.

Just download it, if you like challenges, you’ll find it in JUMP BIRD JUMP. This game demands skills, where you have the control under the little bird. The target is to pass the little bird as far as possible through the obstacles. Our bird feeds with flies, but only if you can help it to catch them.
If it doesn’t catches the flies, can’t fly further, because the living force is finite!

So be part of this cool and funny game!


➡ Beautiful graphic elements
➡ You can enjoy the visible effects with retina display
➡ Complete physics enabled
➡ Game Center
➡ Full animated physic
➡ Quick action scenes
➡ You draw the jumping line yourselves

facebook: B & V Games
Twitter: @bandvgames

Support mail: support@bandvgames.com

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