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Jump and Fly is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Jump and Fly Review

Jump and Fly is basically Doodle Jump. They’ve added a few minor details and fancied it up with some slick graphics, but don’t expect any major differences between this and the game that defined crazy tilting action early in the life of the iPhone. That said, it’s still a heck of a lot of fun.

You play as a little dude in a ninja suit whose only goal in life is to jump up and up as high as possible. The standard array of platforms is in place to help you reach ever upward: some platforms sit still, some move, some have time bombs attached to them, and some disappear after you jump on them. Then there are the fans and trampolines that give you a helpful boost. Enemies are present, but they’re placed sparingly throughout the level.

Hoppy hoppy, joy joy.

What most distinguishes Jump and Fly from Doodle Jump are the two power-ups. One is a temporary shield that lets you bump into an enemy, and the other is a pair of wings. Once you collect wings, you can use them any time you want by tapping the screen. This shoots you upward, which is useful if you see that you’re about to miss a jump and plummet to your grisly death.

Maybe we have the reflexes of a drunken sloth, but we had serious difficulty hitting the screen on time when we were about to die. But we blame ourselves for that rather than the developer.

Game Center ably handles the leaderboards and achievements. Really, the only complaint we have is that there’s not much in this game that Doodle Jump doesn’t already have covered. It’s a very fun game, but we’d like to see them add some features in updates that go beyond the Doodle Jump standard.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about Jump and Fly. If you want another high-jumping game in your life, this one’s a solid purchase. If you’ve had your fill, feel free to let this one jump on by, at least until they add some goodies that give it a leg up over the competition.