Jump Above

Download “Mega Launcher” launched today for FREE.

Featured under “What’s Hot” and “New and Noteworthy” – in Games, June 2010.
Customer Reviews on First Day: “must play this who like doodle jump” – US Store.
“Addictive Awesome… Good idea and making. I Highly recommend this game” – US Store.
“Can’t stop playing and its very challenging. Good initiative to do something different” – US Store.
“Every now and then you buy an app that isn’t greatly advertised and it turns out to be really good. This is one of those apps! Trust me, you will not be dissapointed. Great job!!” – US Store.

Instead of price increase basic theme made free with option of other awesome unlockable themes.

If you are bored with playing hundreds of similar platform based jumping games this one is completely different taste and challenge for you. Jump higher as you can but finding gaps, take fruits/coins, avoid bombs and power jump by rocket. Completely new idea of jumping game.

Simple and easy rule to find gaps between platforms and jump through that. Tilt your iPhone to run left or right and when you are under gap just tap to jump. Screen is moving up also and if you reach bottom of screen than you fall down and game is over.

>> Enjoy jumping and explore sky, planets and dark environment.
>> Openfeint score board and achievements.
>> Take fruits and coins to run and jump faster.
>> Avoid bombs which will decrease your running and jumping speed.
>> 5 bomb blast will over your game.
>> Jump and touch rocket for power jump.
>> Explore as higher as you can and enjoy exploring dark night sky and planets.

Download it now and enjoy best jumping game. Take it now since introductory free offer running for limited time.

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