Jumbo GridPix 2 Free

***This is the iPhone/iPod Touch version. If you are using an iPad, for best results please use the iPad version.***

Officially called nonograms and sometimes referred to as hidden pictures, Pic-a-Pix, paint by numbers, Griddlers, and picture logic, this type of puzzle consists of a blank grid with vertical and horizontal clues that signify sequences of black squares in each row and column. When the puzzle is solved using logical reasoning a picture is revealed from the black squares on the grid.

Jumbo GridPix is back and the puzzles are bigger than ever!

If this is your first JGP experience, feel free to start here on number 2.

This free version includes one of the 40 puzzles available in the full version.

New galleries include:
Living Things
Ocean Sights
Around the World

★★★★★ – “This game is sooo addicting and fun!!”

★★★★★ – “I can’t put it down!!!”

Have fun and play responsibly!
Feedback is very appreciated.

Please contact me at support@cookiesapps.com if you have questions or feedback.

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