Jumbo Egg Hunt

**Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is now available!! Check it out….30 new areas, 2 difficulties, 60 total levels, high quality artwork, and a hint system! 100% more JUMBO!!**

Going on an egg hunt is fun, so why limit it to only one day every year? With “Jumbo Egg Hunt” you can go on an egg searching adventure anytime you like! In this game you’ll be able to egg hunt in several different outdoor & indoor areas including; playgrounds, parks, a gym, a grocery store, and various other areas.

√20 Unique Locations (40 Levels Total)

√Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

√Earn Up To 3 Stars On Each Level

√Awesome Retina Graphics

√Terrific photorealistic artwork

√Normal & Hard Difficulty

√Fun Music & Sound Effects

8-Bit Avrin Apps

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