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Now you can get three apps for the price of one! Brought to you by an 11 year old programmer, Jumbo App gives you Tic Tacky To, ttt 5 in a row specialty and Entertainer, altogether in one fun package. You can play for hours in a variety of ways and never get bored.

Jumbo App is a combo of three addictively fun, existing applications. Developed by an 11 year old iPhone programmer by the name of Aaron, these games promise to keep you entertained for a long time. All you have to do is relax, have fun and enjoy the benefits of all the work that Aaron has put into this app.

Tic Tacky To is an iOS4 accessible game that is based on everyone’s favorite – tic tac toe. See if you can beat your opponent by getting three of your ‘x’s or ‘o’s in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line before they do. This is a two person game where you play then hand the device to the other player. They’ll try to block your efforts of course, so forming a strategy can be very helpful. You’ll want to play this one again and again until you’re the champ!

Playing ttt 5 in a row specialty will not only give your brain a workout, it’ll get you hooked from the very first time you try it. You’re working with ‘x’s and ‘o’s and playing with a friend again but this time, you need to get five in a row before your opponent does. The challenge you get playing on this huge 12 x 12 grid is very addictive!

Entertainer is a cool special effects app that is interactive, yet works on its own when you’d rather be amused than play with it. Watch the ball move, leaving trails of balls in intriguing patterns on your screen. When there are enough new ones, the old balls disappear to make room for more patterning. If you feel like it and want to be part of the creation, go ahead and touch an arrow to make the ball move in that direction.

In Entertainer, you can pause, shake your device to clear the screen, change the speed of the action, the size, background color and more. Entertainer may quickly become your favorite as you explore limitless design possibilities and unleash your inner artist.

Aaron isn’t just offering you many hours of fun in this application. He is also running an exciting contest for Entertainer. If you come up with a terrific design, just pause the game and capture a screenshot. Send it off to electricaaron.com@gmail.com and you may be the lucky winner of one free download of his upcoming new Jumbo App.

Check out the features that Aaron has packed into Jumbo App:
* 3 addictively fun game apps in one – Tic Tacky To, ttt 5 in a row specialty, Entertainer
* Developed by an 11 year old iPhone programmer
* Game instructions included
* New design contest in Entertainer
* Great fun for kids of all ages!
* Only 99 cents!

Your three best loved favorites are here, all in one great game app and for one low price. You even get a chance to win a free app while having a lot of creative fun.

Download Jumbo App now and let the games begin.

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