Jukebox your way to the top! Jukeboxer is a highly addictive music app that combines your favourite songs with your magnificent vocal artistry. With awesome voice filters just jump in, have fun and laugh at yourself and your friends as you discover great new music.

– Music Discovery
New songs are always being added, so there is great new music to discover while having fun with your friends

– Jukebox with Friends or Challenge new Jukeboxing Buddies!
Challenge your friends on Twitter and Facebook, or be paired with random users for new Jukeboxing goodness.

– No Skills Required
Pick from one of our voice filters for wicked effects to spice up your Jukeboxing

– Turn-Based
Jukebox at your own pace and with as many friends as you want

– Challenge Action
So addictive! Challenge your friends to Jukebox head to head, putting your coins on the line. You will be judged by other Jukeboxers, so give it all you got!

– Great In-App Items
Shuffles – Great for a quick musical changeup
Jabs – For those times when you need a little hint
Filters – When you need a little vocal adrenaline
Playlists – Sometimes you want more options

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