Juggling Cow

You are different. Because for every run-of-the-mill cow in this animal village, only you can JUGGLE. Now they all gather around the ‘big stage’ eagerly waiting for your amazing performance: throwing the many blue balls up in the sky with your … ‘hands’. ‘Do you have a secret for your success’, they once asked after so astonished by the dazzling show. Then you smiled and cried:’Besides my especially good look, yes, it’s all in the MUSIC!’

• For a trick as complex as juggling 6 balls at the same time, you only need 2 fingers and 1 action: tap.
• Tap according to the accompanying music will result in a smooth juggling performance.
• Packs in 23 unique juggling patterns to show off your skill, each with its own accompanying music.
• You can enter a ‘zen’ mode and juggle freely once you have successfully finished a stage performance.
• OpenFeint enabled with leader-boards and achievements.
• And the cow is cute!