Do you know how knights dueling? Tow riding men wearing plate armor, with lances and shields in their hand. When they charging to each other, their speed is fast like lightning. No fear, no retreat, the one who has better valor and skill is the winner.

Passion moment:
When is the most exciting moment in a duel? Yes, the moment knights approaching each other! In this game, we must control our lance avoid opponent’s shield to hit his vital part. Only victory is not enough, better technique is our eternal goal. When you acting a clean hit, people will cheer to you, enjoy this great moment!

Every victory reward us some spoils, go to arm yourself! In the shop, you can buy lot of gear, which can showing by your avatar. You also can upgrade your gear to get better performance in duel.

Duel with other player:
you will join game hall automatically when you login, you can practice your technique by attacking dummy, or you can duel with other players that chosen by game system who has similar level to you. You can also search player near your position, send message to them or challenge them.

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