jormypack : iShake + iHologram + nyansweeper + skob-g + tuner + more

Jormypack contains all the apps jormy games will make, besides those that will have huge download size (i.e this does not contain space ninja).

Jormypack contains:
jormy chat (local insta-chat)
minesweeper with cat (nyansweeper)
skob-G (3D tennis-like game for up to 2 players)
strobe tuner (for musical instruments)
iShake + the rest of old iShake apps
mini apps (such as money/favors owed and man point counters)
amongst other things.

Also, from now on, jormy games will release most of their apps as updates to jormy pack. Please support us by telling your friends and spreading the word.

*** WARNING ***
Please hold your device carefully while shaking. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your device or injury caused by your actions while using the application. It is best to use the application in your bed or when surrounded by soft, cushioned objects (such as a sofa) in order to minimise possible damage should the device slip off your hand.

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