John Smith's Pub Darts

John Smith’s Pub Darts provides a number of world firsts in app design and offers players a realistic darts experience. Or as John Smith’s would say, it’s a right good game of arrows.
The app uses a unique combination of ‘drag and flick’ to aim and throw the dart, just like the real thing. Plus this is one of the first game apps in the world to use the popular ‘Bump’ technology to play against a mate.
Now we know that every darts player needs a nickname. So just enter your name, or better yet Facebook Connect, and we’ll generate a whole load to choose from. It’s almost as if we’ve thought of everything on purpose.
The game is brought to life with a No Nonsense commentary, and you can choose which pub you want to play in, and what darts flights to use.
For 1 player mode you’re up against the clock, and you can also play against your mates with a 2 player game, the scores then go up on the global leaderboard.  You can use Facebook newsfeeds to issue challenges or boast your victories.
Let’s play darts!

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