Joe Stickman

Collect as many stickmen as possible. Each saved stickmen gives you 10 points. Every centimeter Joe is running (and even if you do not see it, Joe is always running straight ahead without interruption), you get another point. You may also get 5 points for each eraser you shot.

Survive as long as possible to get a maximum high score.

Control Joe by tilting your iPhone to the left and to the right. He will move in the same direction.

To make it a little harder, there are also enemies. First, the erasers that Joe would immediately erase. Then there are grave stones, because stickmen are so afraid of death you die already, when you touch a grave stone. And finally, UFOs, Stickmen are unfortunately allergic to the red beacon and again Joe would die immediately.

You have a way to protect yourself from the erasers: The “Magic Pencil”! Collect it and you get (maximum) 10 enchanted pencils which you can throw on the erasers. If you hit them they explode. However, the pencils are not strong enough to damage the grave stones and certainly not strong enough to damage the UFOs with the protective shield.

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