When magic meets your phone! Surprise yourself, your friends and family with this little trick. 6 cards, a few clicks and a lot of magic!*

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jemory HD – the artist memory game for the iPad. Have a look at – Get jemory joker – the surprise version of jemory HD – for free!

*… after a while may be you will discover the little secret behind jMagic. Then it`s you to become the “magician” and surprise your friends with jMagic. Keep the secret and never show it more than three times to the same person and you will have a lot of fun with this little magic trick.

Little story for the “secret keepers” in the App Store:
A trumpet player says to the magician: “I’ve seen how you do the trick!” Says the magician: “I have also seen how you do it with a trumpet: You blow up in and then out comes the music down!”

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