If you like Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, KenKen or Kakuro, you’ll love Jigsu. Jigsu brings Sudoku to the iPhone in a whole new way. Instead of placing individual cells one at a time, place connected cells as if you are putting together a Jigsaw Puzzle. With millions of possible puzzle designs as well as number layouts, the Jigsu variations you can play are almost infinite.

Jigsu brings completely new challenges to the Sudoku genre. You’ll need more than just your usual Sudoku strategies to complete the boards in this award winning game. Once you have these strategies at hand, you will be able to finish your Jigsu board in record time compared to a similar Sudoku layout, then challenge your friends to beat your time!

Jigsu features include:

– 5 difficulty levels
– 3 varieties of hints
– Global high scores
– A tutorial to help you get started
– A slick interface ideal for an iPhone/iPod Touch

Brought to you exclusively and for the first time seen publicly on any platform by the same folks who made: TapDefense, TapSudoku, and TapWord.

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